Advocate Safehouse Project

Who We Are at Advocate Safehouse

Advocate Safehouse Project promotes healthy relationships free from violence through education, advocacy, empowerment and safehousing It is the only program in Garfield County offering comprehensive and confidential services to survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence, and their children.

24-Hour Help Line

Staffed by volunteer advocates, the 24-Hour Help Line offers crisis intervention, client education, emotional support, information/referrals to survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Outreach Program

The Outreach (non-residential) Program offers support to survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence in the community.  Legal advocacy in both the civil and criminal courts is provided to clients.  Additionally, support and advocacy are provided in regards to safety planning, information/referrals, identifying resources, case management, client education, and working with other community resources to maximize benefits for mutual clients.  The Outreach Program offers a free weekly support group for women with free child care.

Safehouse Program

The Safehouse (residential) Program provides emergency shelter for survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence and their children.  This program provides supportive counseling for the adults and children (if appropriate), crisis intervention, safety planning, individual therapy, group counseling, client education, case management, advocacy and information/referrals.  The length of stay varies from one night up to 10 plus weeks.  A few families have resided for up to 16 – 20 weeks due to lack of resources.  The Safehouse has four bedrooms that sleep 11 people.  Each family and each adult (without children) are given their own bedroom during their stay.  The length of stay varies depending upon the survivor’s needs.  A few families have resided for up to 16 – 24 weeks due to lack of resources.

Latina Outreach Program

The Latina Outreach Program targets the Latino community in Garfield County regarding domestic and/or sexual violence and the agency’s services.  This program provides crisis intervention, case management, client education, supportive counseling, individual therapy, emergency shelter, case management, advocacy, information/ referrals for Latina survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.  Additionally, the Latina Outreach Program offers a monthly Latina Support Groups with free child care.  ASP has three staff members who are bi-lingual and bi-cultural that cover the agency’s 24-hour Help Line as Spanish Back-Ups.

Community Education Program

The Community Education Program seeks to inform and educate students, professionals and community groups on the importance of “Healthy Relationships” through presentations and participating in health fairs and wellness programs.  All of the information is available in English and Spanish.

How to help your local domestic violence program:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Make monetary donations or donate phone cards, gift cards, etc.
  • Sponsor a family for a holiday meal, holiday gifts, etc.
  • Contact program staff to learn more about the many ways you can help

Board of Directors:

  • Martha McCoy, President
  • Nettie Avery, Vice-President
  • Debbie Duley, Secretary
  • Theresa Zelenka, Treasurer
  • Brendan Matthias
  • Jacque McMillan
  • Pam Ruzicka
  • Marti Stude
  • Nancy Reinisch, Emeritus Board Member
Contact Info


M-F 9-5 Helpline 24 hours
970-945-4439 & 285-0209
Julie Olson
Executive Director
PO Box 2036
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602