Alpine Legal Services

What We Do at Alpine Legal Services

Alpine Legal Services provides advice and representation on civil law matters. We handle civil legal matters involving: low-income households, Seniors (60 and over), and crime victims.

Our specific services include:

  1. Legal Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence: Alpine serves more than 400 victims of domestic violence annually, including assistance with protective orders, divorce and other family matters.
  2. Legal Advice: Alpine gives legal advice to more than 2,000 clients each year on issues such as: tenant rights, evictions, debts, small claims actions, custody, divorce, civil rights, employment, and public benefits. We now offer open intake in the Garfield County Courthouse two mornings every week; in the Pitkin County Courthouse two mornings per week, in the Rifle Courthouse once a week and once a month at the Pitkin County Senior Center.
  3. Pro Bono Attorney Placement: Attorneys volunteer to represent individual clients which Alpine screens and refers to these attorneys through formal referral programs with both the Pitkin County Bar Association and the 9th Judicial District Bar Association.
  4. Clinics: Alpine conducts more than 40 legal clinics per year to more than 200 attendees on various topics such as divorce, tenant’s rights, public benefits, allocation of parental responsibilities, senior issues, alternatives to bankruptcy and other matters affecting low income clients. Alpine offers these clinics in both Spanish and English throughout the areas it services.
  5. Thursday Night Bar: Garfield: Volunteer lawyers in Garfield County are available for a ten minute private consultation on civil matters each month which Alpine organizes and administers in the Glenwood Springs Courthouse. On average, approximately 10 low income clients from the local area are served each month. Many individuals who work in Pitkin County/Aspen, but reside down valley take advantage of this service.
  6. Thursday Night Bar: Pitkin: Volunteer lawyers in Pitkin County are available for a ten minute private consultation on civil matters each month in the Pitkin County Courthouse which Alpine organizes and administers. On average, approximately 10 low income clients from the community are served each month.
  7. Senior Legal Services: All persons aged 60 and older are eligible for legal assistance ranging from legal advice to full in-court representation. Preference is given to those with greatest social or economic need if sufficient resources are not available to assist all eligible clients. We provide services to more than 100 seniors per year on a variety of matters. Alpine is the Title III Legal Provider for Garfield County.
  8. Senior Ombudsman: Our Ombudsman actively visits four nursing homes and six assisted living facilities in Garfield County. The ombudsman and trained volunteers advocate for the needs of seniors. This program assists approximately 350 individuals on an ongoing basis.
  9. In Court Representation: Alpine provides in court representation on priority cases. We average about 175 court cases per year.
  10. Pre G.A.L. Youth Representation: Alpine Legal Services is developing a program to provide representation thru referral from probation, Youthzone, the Department of Human Services to address the civil legal needs of children at risk who have not yet had or are not eligible for the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem.
  11. Professional Training: Alpine provides training to law enforcement, victims’ advocates and other professionals to facilitate referrals for service and to develop a better understanding of way that the civil legal process can provide safety and justice for victims of crime.
  12. Resource Development: Alpine has facilitated a program to require mandatory Parenting Thru Divorce Classes for all Dissolution litigant in the 9th Judicial District. Alpine is also developing a program for children whose parents are divorcing to be facilitated by peers to assist in navigating thru the challenges that divorce present to them.

Contact Info

(970) 945-8868

Staff Directory

Garfield County Courthouse
Suite 204
Glenwood Springs, CO
Pitkin County Courthouse
506 East Main Street
Aspen, CO 81611
(We meet with clients on the 1st Floor in the Commissioner’s room)
Phone: (970)-920-2828
Fax: (970) 920-5558