Aspen Valley Land Trust

Who We Are

The AVLT service area stretches from high mountain peaks and historic mining towns to the high desert plateaus rich with ranchlands and vast natural gas reserves. These scenic vistas, wildlife habitat, and working ranchlands make our area unique and beautiful.  Yet these lands are being converted to development at an alarming rate.  The decision to protect these lands is being made today by individual landowners, and will affect the experience we pass on to our grandchildren and the quality of life we all enjoy.

AVLT is the only non-profit in the Roaring Fork and Middle Colorado River valleys which focuses on the conservation of private land, and the only one which restricts water rights used on private land from being sold, diverted or converted to other uses.  Private land, and the associated water rights, are primarily located in the lower parts of the valleys and encompass all irrigated agricultural land, critical riparian and habitat ecosystems, and the scenic backdrop that is vital to the local tourism industry. AVLT is also the only conservation organization that works directly with private landowners: the people who own, steward and control the future of these critical landscapes.

What We Do at Aspen Valley Land Trust

Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT) is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to conserving open lands for agriculture, wildlife, scenic enjoyment and recreation in the greater Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys.  As the oldest land trust in Colorado, AVLT is an acknowledged leader in the field and is guided in decision-making by volunteer members of the Board of Directors.  AVLT receives no governmental grants or funding and relies solely on charitable contributions to support our work.  AVLT is accredited by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission and certified by the State of Colorado.



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