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Traci D. Gurley-Tomashosky M. A., ECSE.
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Letter from the United Way Battlement to the Bells President


By way of introduction, my name is Colin Wilhelm, I am the newly elected President of the Board.  2017 was a year in transition for the UWBB, our longtime Executive Director Amy Barr has moved on from the Organization to become the director of one of our Partner Organizations.  We on the Board are happy that Amy is embarking on a new and exciting path and thank her for her long service to the UWBB.  This lead the Board to being looking for a new Executive Director, luckily we were able to look inside the organization for the position.  Traci expressed a desire to take on the position and the Board was more than happy that she stepped up.  Traci brings with her all the skills and knowledge necessary to help move the UWBB forward.

2018 is expected to be an exciting year.  We are kicking the year off, as we always do, with Skier Appreciation Day at Sunlight Mountain Resort. The UWBB is excited for the VISTA program UWBB is bringing to the Valley in 2018. In this program we are bringing in 14 volunteers to our partner organizations for a 1 year work commitment.  These Volunteers In Service To America are being selected by our partners and the VISTA will give them 1 year of hands on help with their organization.  We believe this is going to be an amazing experience.
I would just like to close by saying Thank you to Amy Barr and all of those who have worked so hard are non-profits throughout the region.
Thank you,
Colin J. Wilhelm, President
United Way Battlement to the Bells