Workplace Giving

The United Way workplace campaign has been called one of the greatest social inventions in American history. Working together with employers and more than a million volunteers each year, United Way invites people to advance the common good and create opportunities for a better life for all.

Why launch a United Way workplace campaign? There are many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Meet your company’s philanthropic goals through a trusted brand in workplace giving.
  • Build trust and increase goodwill among customers and employees by giving back to the community.
  • Energize your employees by focusing your organization toward a common goal that builds morale and teamwork.
  • Offer a simple, convenient, and efficient way for your employees to support the community and causes they believe in.
  • Connect employees to their community because United Way Battlement to the Bells matches employee volunteer teams with great opportunities to help our community.
  • Provide information about services enabling employees to use them for themselves, friends and families.
  • Raise funds to meet our area’s greatest needs by investing your company’s time in a United Way Battlement to the Bells campaign. Working with us is a worthwhile and a solid investment. We have researched what our community needs and we are channeling volunteers and funds to address it.

We Help Every Step of the Way

  • We work closely with you: United Way Battlement to the Bells can help you develop a customized fundraising campaign that aligns with the values and interests of your organization and your employees. In the gold box at right, you will find a number of helpful resources.
  • Easy methods for donation: We offer convenience and affordability in giving options.
  • We promote your involvement: When you give through United Way Battlement to the Bells, you become part of a network with many businesses, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and community groups involved. We help bring year-round, community-wide recognition to you and your employees.
  • Your employees choose who they help: When your employees donate to United Way Battlement to the Bells, their gift will be invested to help those in need in our local communities. They also have a wide-variety of options to choose how they would like their investment directed.
  • We keep you updated: United Way Battlement to the Bells offers resources to help your employees stay informed on pressing issues all year long.


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