Third Street Center

Who We Are

Embodying the spirit of Carbondale under one roof, the Third Street Center is a place like none
other in the Roaring Fork Valley. The Town’s unique character and enduring exuberance are renewed
within its walls. All week long, in the evenings and on weekends, the Center hums, buzzes and vibrates with life.
A tired old elementary school has become the strong beating heart of a community.

What We Do

Here’s what the Third Street Center contributes to Carbondale:

  • A permanent “home” for 40 beloved organizations, which includes 30 nonprofits, five artists’ studios, a multi-use event center, and a restaurant.
  • An inviting meeting place for groups throughout Colorado.
  • A welcoming gathering place away from home for residents, students and visitors of all ages.
  • An exciting venue for art, performance and creative inspiration for all ages.
  • A nationwide example of reuse, energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • A community place promoting inspiration, sustainability and creative exchange.

Here’s why your donation to the Third Street Center is so important. Your gift will:

  • Help build a strong, vibrant and healthy community. The Center’s tenants provide wide-ranging human services, education, cultural enrichment, and environmental awareness to residents in communities up and down the valley.
  • Help every tenant within the facility continue to have a secure, cost-effective home.
  • The Town of Carbondale and Garfield County have been extraordinarily generous on many fronts with their support, but the Center does not receive any general operating funds from tax revenue.
  • We depend on individual donors and foundations to meet our annual operating budget.
  • Help make improvements to the building to keep up with the growing needs of the tenants and community.
  • Help our local economy thrive. The Center brings overnight visitors to Carbondale, generating business for local motels, restaurants and shops.

The mission of the Third Street Center is to promote community through a multitenant, mixed-use facility that models sustainability in its design and practice. By providing long-term, affordable rental space, the Center brings together a diverse collection of nearly three dozen nonprofit organizations, artists and small businesses under one roof, leveraging their unique strengths. It offers them opportunities to work together more closely, creatively and efficiently to develop solutions for common problems facing the region and their clients. In sharing a home, the non profits are encouraged to share skills, talents and resources, enabling them to more effectively pursue their goals.2015-03-10_1631

Our 2017 Board of Directors

Scott Darling – Vice President
Retired/Finance Sector

Jim Kenney – Treasurer
Retired/Finance Sector

Colin Laird  – Secretary
Executive Director (not on board)

Dick Hart
Retired Attorney & Judge

Kathy Feinsinger
Retired/Nurse, Valley View Hospital

Garret Jammeron
Vice President, Alpine Bank, Carbondale

Laura Kirk
Landscape Architect, DHM Design

Frank McSwain
Nonprofit/Fundraising Consultant

Sloan Shoemaker – Tenant Representative
Executive Director, Wilderness Workshop

Erica Sparhawk – Town Trustee Representative
Trustee, Town of Carbondale
Program Manager, Clean Energy Economy for the Region

Andrea Stewart – Tenant Representative
Executive Director, Carbondale Chamber of Commerce


Contact Location
970-963-3221 520 Third Street
Carbondale, CO 81623
Colin Laird, Executive Director
Mark Taylor, Facilities Manager