Western Slope Veterans Coalition

Our Goals:

  • Create a one-stop shop for Veterans and their families.
  • Improve the mental and physical health of Veterans.
  • Support healthy and stable Veteran families.
  • Eliminate Veteran homelessness.
  • Prevent Veteran suicide.
  • Make sure Veterans and their families know of available resources.
  • Provide referral specialists to direct Veterans to available community services and support.
  • Improve coordination and delivery of services across organizations, thereby ensuring efficiency without duplication of efforts.
  • Raise money to support Veterans and their families.
  • Raise awareness of Veterans issues among local media, elected officials, and community agencies.
  • Develop best practices for all Veterans services.

What We Do

The WSVC is comprised of committed individuals, nonprofits, governmental agencies and businesses who are working together to ensure that all Veterans living on Colorado’s Western Slope have the resources and support to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Contact Location

General info:

Annie Davies,
Director of Development,
at adavies@rmhumanservices.org or
(303) 636-5918

Third Street Center
520 South Third Street
CO 81623

Veterans needing assistance:

Megan Rexroth,
Veteran Support Specialist,
at mrexroth@rmhumanservices.org or
(970) 986-7363

Facebook page