Who We Are

At YouthEntity, we’re in the brain business…the business of youth development. 

While we create and innovate locally, our programs address national needs that help our youth participants build their self-confidence and an authentic source of hope for their futures.

 Board of Directors

  • Robert Blattberg, Chair
  • Steve Bellotti
  • Jack Bergstrom
  • Jonathan Fillman
  • Adriana Ayala-Hire
  • Dick Kipper
  • Jan Koorn
  • Gerry McDaniel
  • Kirsten Petre McDaniel
  • Bruce Robinson
  • Roger Sheffield
  • Diana Sirko
  • Lucy Smythe


  • Kirsten Petre McDaniel, Executive Director
  • Heather Hicks, Associate Director
  • Matt Maier & Kelly Yepello, Chef Instructors
  • Paul Hilts & Gail Shannon, Program Managers, “I am financial knowledge.”
  • Naomi Peters, Administrative Assistant & Accounting
  • Kiara Christianson, Timothy Dillow, Lorrine Basinger-Fleishman, Nickisha Hylton, Melinda Keeler, Tela Robinson, and Steven Sand – Program Facilitators, “I am financial knowledge.”

What We Do

YouthEntity engages and empowers youth to discover their potential by providing real-world learning experiences that prepare them for future success.

We help prepare youth for future success by making them work ready, career ready and life ready.

Our goal is for every young person in the communities we serve to enter adulthood financially literate, with applicable work experience through our career development programs

Contact Location
1-970-963-4055 PO Box 1989
CO 81623
Heather Hicks
Associate Director