United Way of Battlement to the Bells is about helping people live life to their full potential. We realize everyone is different, that’s why we have several programs designed for different kinds of donors.

You can easily donate using the button at the right, which will take you to Paypal where you can donate either via a credit card or your own Paypal account.

Perhaps you want to contribute to United Way of Battlement to the Bells through workplace payroll deduction. Many companies participate our payroll deduction program. If your company does not participate and would like to, please call us at (970) 625-8189.

For many people, philanthropy is a lifelong commitment that provides both personal and financial benefits. Through United Way Battlement to the Bells’ planned giving program, you can create a plan that benefits you and your family now, while ensuring vital programs are available for generations to come.

Planned Giving

What is a planned gift?

  • A charitable planned gift is the result of careful and thoughtful planning for the distribution of one’s assets to charitable organizations. These gifts are commonly made from assets rather than from income and often involve a planning process utilizing wills and other estate planning documents.
  • A good planned gift can afford the donor increased income and important tax benefits. Making a planned gift is one of the best ways to support United Way Battlement to the Bells.

A Gift of Stock Can Bring You Tax Savings!

A gift of appreciated securities can give you substantial tax benefits, allowing you to avoid capital gains and receiving a reduction for the full value of the gift.

Example: Make a cash gift of $10,000, or donate a gift of stock shares that you originally bought for $2,000 and have held for more than a year that are now worth $10,000. If you give $10,000 cash, you can receive federal income tax savings of $2,800 (assuming you’re in the 28% bracket). Thus, your gift of cash can cost you a net of $7,200.

If you give the gift of stock to United Way Battlement to the Bells, you can lock in the stock’s $10,000 value. You can also receive federal income tax savings of $2,800 and avoid the $1,200 in capital gains tax on the stock’s appreciation. Thus, your gift of stock could cost you a net of $6,000. (To deduct gifts of appreciated securities at their current fair market value, the IRS requires that you must have held them for more than one year.)

To calculate your own savings, visit the Giving stock to United Way page.

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